How to know which version of QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) the user is using with IPP v2?

How to know which version of QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) the user is using with IPP v2?

Edit: I’m not looking for the software. I want to be able to figure out which version of the software the user is using. It doesn’t look like the Company object holds this information from what I see here:

I know we can get the flavour and the version (year), but I didn’t see a way to get the edition. The reason we want this is because Pro version doesn’t have the Sales Order feature, and our app should know this.

I have a better answer for you.
You can use the existing API NameValue:
The response DBFlavorNumber will have a number which I listed below and you can determine if it is Pro or Premier


QB Flavor to SKU mapping
100 = Basic
101 = QuickBooks Pro feature code
102 = QuickBooks Accountant feature code
103 = QuickBooks POS feature code
104 = QuickBooks Premier feature code
105 = QuickBooks Construction SKU feature code
106 = QuickBooks Capri feature code
107 = QuickBooks Non-Profit feature code
108 = Master Builder ICBS Flavor String
109 = QB Enterprise Solutions Accountant feature code
110 = Financial Statement Flavor String
111 = Premier Healthcare Flavor String
112 = Enterprise Healthcare Flavor String
113 = QB Enterprise Contractor Flavor String
114 = Enterprise Non-Profit Flavor String
115 = Estimator Flavor String
116 = Atom Flavor String
117 = Highland Flavor String
118 = Property Management Flavor String
119 = Premier Retail feature code
120 = Premier Professional Flavor String
121 = Premier Mfg & Wholesale
122 = QB Enterprise Professional Flavor String
123 = QB Enterprise Retail Flavor String
124 = QB Enterprise Mfg & Wholesale feature code
125 = QB Premier Convertible Flavor String
126 = Highland Flavor String
127 = QuickBooks Lite Flavor
128 = QB Enterprise Convertible Flavor String
129 = QB Pro for Mac Flavor String
130 = QB New User for Mac Flavor String
131 = QB Premier Vanilla Convertible Flavor String
132 = POS Basic Flavor String
133 = POS Pro Flavor String
134 = POS Pro Multi-Store Flavor String

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