Importing a Start Bootstrap Theme

Importing a Start Bootstrap Theme

I want to import a Start Bootstrap theme on my Rails project that I just created. It’s a full-site theme, so it comes with the HTML pages as well as the assets (fonts, CSS, JS files).

I’m guessing the assets go into the asset pipeline (assets/*) but what do I do with the bootstrap.css files that come with the theme? Since I have the bootstrap gem installed, I figure it would be redundant for me to put bootstrap files into the asset pipeline.

Also, where would the HTML pages go?

Thanks so much!


If you have already generated the html files by Rails, you can copy the content of downloaded file and paste it to the existed file (e.g. index.html.erb).


You can copy:

  • javascripts to app/assets/javascripts
  • css to app/assets/stylesheets
  • fonts to app/assets/stylesheets/fonts
  • images to public assets/images

If you are using fonts and you placed them in app/assets/stylesheets/fonts, it could be needed to change a content of css files. It is possible that paths to fonts can be like:
and you should to change it to: