TFS Service GitContinuousDeploymentTemplate.12.xaml failing to load parameters

TFS Service GitContinuousDeploymentTemplate.12.xaml failing to load parameters

I’m using Microsoft’s TFS Service for source control. I’ve gone with the git repository option.

I want to continuously deploy builds to an Azure website – so followed the instructions here: In Azure, I choose the TFS Service, Git repository, and follow the wizard.

I get into trouble on “Step 4: Trigger a rebuild and redeploy your project (sub-step 10)”. I think this guide is referencing a TFS repository as opposed to Git, so there are some differences…

The build process template has defaulted to
“GitContinuousDeploymentTemplate.12.xaml”. When I edit the build
definition in Visual Studio Team Explorer, there are a number of
parameter errors in section 5 of the process section. The errors say
something to the effect of

“The parameter xxx [e.g.
AutomatedTests|AdvancedTestSettings] could not be loaded because the
type InArgument<…> was not found. You cannot edit this parameter,
but you can save the build without it”.

When I run the build, it seems to fail because of these missing parameters. I can’t figure out how to get this working. Does anyone know how to overcome this?

Incidentally, I have changed the settings in 1. Git and 2. Build with settings to point to my web application’s .csproj and a release/any cpu build configuration.

It looks like you’re using an older version than Visual Studio 2013 to edit the build definition. This build definition carries the .12.xaml which indicates that you should use Visual Studio 12.0 (2013) to edit the template. I understand it might be confusing that Visual Studio 11.0 = 2012 and that 12.0 = 2013, but that’s just how it is.

You can use Visual Studio Express 2013 or a stand-alone installation of Team Explorer 2013 to create the build definition and edit it. After creation you can trigger the build from an older version of Visual Studio without any issues.